''Makes a great gift for someone who is heavily into their card games '' - Louise, MN
Ace Of Spades Bottle Opener
Known by many as one of the highest cards in the deck , the Ace Of Spades Bottle Opener is a quirky and fun way to open your favourite bottled beverage. Made from a high quality stainless steel and precision cut to perfection the Ace Of Spades is specially designed to make opening your bottled drinks effortless. The bottle opener is also extremely thin, making it perfect to keep in your kitchen draw and even in your wallet! To open your bottled drink, hold the neck of the bottle firmly. Place the bottom edge of the 'Ace of spade' cut-out under the bottle cap. Lever upwards evenly, remove the cap and enjoy your beverage.
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- Slim line design
- Made from a durable stainless steel
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