About Us
Twitfish was founded by 2 friends, Nate and Jess, this was something that grew from one man's fascination and interest with novelty gadgets and toys. The whole concept of the business, from the name to its products, all came about when they sat down for brunch on a particularly sunny Californian morning in 2005. That day, Nate decided to show Jess the array of USB desk paraphernalia he had bought a few days ago. One of the items happened to be a USB Fish Tank containing a plastic fish and plastic algae and flora. To cut a long story short, after much enjoyment Jess, a born and bred Brit, called Nate a twit after he proceeded to 'feed the fish' with crumbs from his plate. The name TwitFish was born, and the rest is history.

TwitFish now sources, designs and distributes gadgets that generate smiles. Over the years, the TwitFish team has found many of their products to be great icebreakers, drawing interest from fellow 'Kidults' as we like to call ourselves. This has been useful for us to get great feedback on the prototypes and products we introduce to our range. This enables us to ensure there is a consumer interest in the item, and our customers know they are buying an item that is in demand.

Having started off as a company consisting of 2 people, we have now grown to a team of 21 with offices located in Santa Cruz, CA and Hong Kong. Our portfolio has expanded past a USB range and we now stock all sorts of novelty, retro, edgy and functional gifts with a twist. Our aim is to constantly innovate with our products, focusing on quality and cutting edge technology. All our products come in catchy, practical and smart packaging, so that retailers can benefit from the added value of a 'ready for sale' solution. TwitFish products can now be found not only across the US, but in various countries in South America.