''Funny gift for valentines day Soft and stress. '' - Thomas, Aus
Boobs Stress Balls
If you are ever feeling a bit stressed, just get out the Anti Stress Boobs! Not only are they great for decreasing stress, but they are hilarious to look at, especially if someone sees you squeezing your Anti Stress Boobs! They make a great addition to the gift ideas list. Anti Stress Boobs are the ideal way to de-stress after a long and stressful day. So next time you're feeling ticked off just reach for your anti stress ball and give it a squeeze, all the tension will disappear! These are the perfect gift for your Hen, when they're feeling stressed concerning the wedding plans!
More info
- Perfect gift for your Hen
- Ideal Joke Gift Idea for Birthdays, Christmas, Sexy Santa or Stag Nights
- Comfortable
- Reliever
- Soft stress
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