''Very cool features, the laser and LED light comes in handy'' - Jacob, Yorkshire
4 In 1 Laser Stylus
The 4-in-1 Laser Stylus is a slim and lightweight office multi-tool. The laser stylus works as a useful writing instrument for your media device as well as for writing on paper. It also features a laser pointer and an LED light. Say goodbye to smudges and fingerprints on your tablet or smartphone with the stylus tip. Compatible with all capacitive touchscreens, the rounded stylus tip will allow you to precisely interact with your device. At the other end of the stylus is a ballpoint pen, perfect for making notes on paper. The laser pointer is great for presentation and the LED light is great as an emergency torch. The 4-in-1 Stylus comes in a stylish aluminium gift tin, making it perfect for a present for friends and family.
More info

- Batteries included
- Lid to prevent the ink drying up
- Soft touch stylus tip suitable for use on your mobile device or tablet

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