''Some really handy tools on this, all-in-1 which is just what I needed'' - Julian, GB
Multi-Tool Stylus Pen
The 6 in 1 Multi Tool Stylus is a must have multi-functional gadget pen suitable for writing on paper and using with your mobile device. With a ballpoint pen at one end and a stylus tip at the other, the pen is perfect for making notes on paper and also drawing on your tablet or smartphone. Unscrewing the stylus lid reveals a two-ended screwdriver. A flat head and a crosshead tip. The pen also features markers and detailing of a ruler in centimetres and inches. Lastly at the centre of the pen is a spirit leveller, the perfect tool for ensuring objects are aligned accurately.
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- Features a stylus tip for use on mobile and tablets
- Made from high quality durable materials
- Precise instruments for measuring and balancing
- Retractable ball point pen tip

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